Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Sonder Review| Submit| Submission Guidelines

The Sonder Review| Submit| Submission Guidelines

Theatrical performance and exposition on Tuesday evening, October 7, 2014.

North Coast Writers welcomes playwrights Jerry Kraft and Rebecca Redshaw for what promises to be a lively evening of theatrical performance and exposition on Tuesday evening, October 7, 2014.

            The public is invited to this free monthly presentation beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Wine on the Waterfront, 115 E. Railroad Avenue in Port Angeles.   The door opens at 6:30 p.m. and those attending are encouraged to arrive early for good seating and to purchase refreshments prior to the reading.

            Jerry Kraft, long time member of the North Coast Writers group, playwright, poet, and journalist, will offer "God Clicked," a dramatic monologue, as well as a short play, Sand Script, first presented in Seattle this August as part of the annual 14/48 Theatre celebration .

            Kraft has lived in Port Angeles for the last ten years.   He was involved with community theatre and taught a memoir writing class through the YMCA. He writes reviews of Seatttle theatre productions for and has also published poetry, short fiction and plays.  He recently relocated to Mount Vernon, Washington with his wife to accommodate her employment.

            Rebecca Redshaw, Port Angeles fiction author, playwright and director, will also showcase one of her short plays, Broadway Showtunes Game of Life.  Redshaw worked for over twenty five years in the Los Angeles film and television industry.  Using her technical expertise, she supervised the restoration and preservation of films for SONY Entertainment.  With eight produced plays to her credit, Redshaw has also enjoyed the participatory aspect of theatre.  She has published two books, Dear Jennifer and Sofa Cinema: An Easy Guide to DVDs, Vol. 1.  She also writes a regular column for the Sequim Gazette, focusing on DVDs. 

           Kraft and Redshaw will conclude the evening with a discussion of the challenges incurred in writing for a live audience and will answer questions.

     For further information, contact Suzann Bick, (360) 797-1245, email; or Mary-Alice Boulter, (360) 477-9972, email

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New poem

My dogs call me to task;
call me to my lesson
each dawn.
I wipe out their bowls
pour a measure of food
pierce a capsule
squeezing out half in a dish.
The big dog
accepts the remainder
from my fingers.

They have educated me
with their postures,
brilliant eyes
and soft muzzles.

Under their tutelage,
I have been taught
what they like
what I should pay attention to
what changes to make
and unmake
what speed to move.

I’ve learned that the little one
eats more slowly
prefers to eat by herself.
I’ve learned that the big one eats fast
always has room for more.

Watching them take
the kibble out of their dishes
listening to the
crunch of the hard bits
is delicious.

They move to the water bucket
after they eat.
The sound as they lap the water;
seeing it drip from their muzzles
makes me smile
lean in
to hear more closely.

If they had feathers they wouldn’t be more magical.


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