Thursday, March 9, 2017

100 Word Story. The assigned cue word is DRY

He was an expert at promotions and artistic events, 
and his next exercise would be at one of his favorite 
coffee houses. 

He asked the owner permission, and was 
given the go-ahead to throw a 
dry humor party.

The dry humor wit describes the act of 
displaying a lack of, or 
no emotion. Delivery is meant 
to be blunt and sarcastic.

The exercise would be by invitation only,
and those that wished to participate would
 join with the regular patrons, not indicating 
their participation. 

They would speak a little louder than usual 
so everyone attending would be able to hear.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



This MOOC-Pack provides the core content of our past MOOC How Writers Write Poetry 2014.

MOOC-Packs — IWP

MOOC-Packs — IWP

you have ever wanted to browse the archives of our past massive open
online courses, the MOOC-Pack Library is the place to go. You are
invited to use the MOOC-Packs to teach a class or lead a discussion
group in your area. And you are very welcome to use them on your own to
further your personal writing and educational goals.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


        The Pool Players.
        Seven at the Golden Shovel.

            We real cool. We
            Left school. We

            Lurk late. We

            Strike straight. We

            Sing sin. We  
            Thin gin. We

            Jazz June. We 
            Die soon.  


These principles are not new; they have fallen into desuetude. They are the essentials of all great poetry, indeed of all great literature, and they are simply these:—

  1. To use the language of common speech, but to employ always the exact word, not the nearly-exact, nor the merely decorative word.
  2. To create new rhythms—as the expression of new moods—and not to copy old rhythms, which merely echo old moods. We do not insist on "free-verse" as the only method of writing poetry. We fight for it as for a principle of liberty. We believe that the individuality of a poet may often be better expressed in free-verse than in conventional forms. In poetry, a new cadence means a new idea.
  3. To allow absolute freedom in the choice of subject. It is not good art to write badly about aeroplanes and automobiles; nor is it necessarily bad art to write well about the past. We believe passionately in the artistic value of modern life, but we wish to point out that there is nothing so uninspiring nor so old-fashioned as an aeroplane of the year 1911.
  4. To present an image (hence the name: "Imagist"). We are not a school of painters, but we believe that poetry should render particulars exactly and not deal in vague generalities, however magnificent and sonorous. It is for this reason that we oppose the cosmic poet, who seems to us to shirk the real difficulties of art.
  5. To produce poetry that is hard and clear, never blurred nor indefinite.
  6. Finally, most of us believe that concentration is of the very essence of poetry.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Movie: Paterson by Jim Jarmusch

Starring Adam Driver as Paterson. Every poet should see this film, as I guarantee the quality and substance of the film about a poet and his work in Paterson, New Jersey. Read what the Internet Movie Database has to say, here: