Monday, July 30, 2018

LIST OF LITERARY MAGAZINES-USE Googe to find websites.

 Literary Magazines: from EWR
    iron Lung Magazine
    Litbreak Magazine
    The Drum Literary Magazine
    Meat for Tea: The Valley Review
    Postcard Poems and Prose
    The Literary Bohemian
    phati’tude Literary Magazine
    The Southeast Review
    Copaiba Literary Review
    Empty Mirror
    The Vestal Review
    The Antigonish Review
    The Fiddlehead
    The Malahat Review
    The Iowa Review
    Concho River Review
    The Ellis Review
    Fiction International
    James Dickey Review
    The Black Fox Literary Magazine
    Bellevue Literary Review
    Black Warrior Review
    The Café Review
    The Chaos Journal of Personal Narrative
    Grotesque Quarterly

Sunday, July 29, 2018

100 Word Story

The cue words for this week were: Mug, Unfortunate, Global, Grime, Elephant, Splat and Dread

My mug was the result of an unfortunate accident. There was an profusion of global grime and chemicals in the atmosphere. My poor, expectant mother was exposed to such pollution, as the official elephant tender at the town zoo in Cape May. This was determined to be the most significant cause for my deformity. My nose did not grow nor form naturally from the center of my face. It was more of a careless splat of flesh and gristle that “the dread designer” chose for me . I survived as a bit player in off-off Broadway productions of Russian playwrights.

Power Words Mind Map

Power Words Mind Map

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Collective NOUNS for animals.

Animals : some collective nouns A collection of crocodiles is called a BASK.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Freedom in Poetry by Robert Pinsky | Poetry Foundation

Freedom in Poetry by Robert Pinsky | Poetry Foundation


"Impulses, swerves, collisions, flights, descents, gags, indirections, surprises, exploding cigars, non sequiturs: all are allowed or encouraged, and all in some sense begin to create their own principles."

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

100 Word story with prompt: Prompt Screech Future Gyrate Frustration Majestic

We were promised a majestic future. We got no such thing. Someone dropped me here, and left me with no guidance, no promise of majestic accomplishments, and no way out. A remote radio prompt was sent every hour or so. The last one had me engage the drill and gyrate enough to jar a rock sample loose for inspection, photos and subsequent transmission. The frustration grew by the day. I’d beep and screech so earth station personnel would be alerted. As the last iteration of the Mars Rover, my time was almost up, after fifteen long years. I was dying.