Sunday, December 13, 2015

100 Word Story: Cue assigned: "BOX"

She always thought far outside the box. In fact, many thought that she didn’t know what a box was. She was the top designer at GeenDozen…a firm in Holland. She surrounded herself with very capable designers, writers, and artists. They would bid on an assignment, and within a few days would have a workable solution, templates, and mockups to show to the client. Mariëlle kept her secret from her fellow workers. She would sneak out at lunch and consult with an old woman in the storefront across the street. The old woman would brew a special, red tea for Mariëlle.

mottoes, slogans, taglines,

My new motto is, "Learn the difference between mottoes, slogans, taglines, catchphrases, vision statements, and so on..."

The words you choose to define a brand and how you go about presenting those ideas is a subject of great contention. So contentious that I doubt many of us will even agree on the definitions of the elements involved no less the best recipes for concocting them.

I was reading about the subject last week and it got me curious about the many terms used to describe words that define. I've listed those I know followed by definitions from various sources in the hope that, in creating a list, that I would better understand the meaning of each.

Here's my list. (Have any others? Want to refine a definition? )

Advertising slogan

A short, memorable phrase that draws attention to the distinctive nature of the product, service, or idea to which it is attached.

Source: Derived from The Free Dictionary and Wikipedia

"Some slogans are created just for specific limited-time campaigns; others are intended as a corporate slogan, to be used for extended periods."

Source: > Wikipedia contributors. "Advertising slogan." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 11 Sep. 2015. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.


A phrase that, because of its repeated use, becomes popular within a particular culture.

Defining Phrase

A phrase of five to fifteen words that defines nature of a product, service, or idea and the benefit of it's use to the consumer.

That's my definition.


Abbreviated text that introduces, categorizes, or otherwise defines and/or distinguishes an article or advertisement.

Source: Derived from The Free Dictionary, Wikipedia

Mission statement

"An official statement of the aims and objectives of a business or other organization" The Free Dictionary

A mission statement is a statement which is used as a way of communicating the purpose of the organization. Although most of the time it will remain the same for a long period of time, it is not uncommon for organizations to update their mission statement and generally happens when an organization evolves. Mission statements are normally short and simple statements which outline what the organization's purpose is and are related to the specific sector an organization operates in.

Properly crafted mission statements serve as filters to separate what is important from what is not, clearly state which markets will be served and how, and communicate a sense of intended direction to the entire organization. A mission is different from a vision in that the former is the cause and the latter is the effect; a mission is something to be accomplished whereas a vision is something to be pursued for that accomplishment. Also called company mission, corporate mission, or corporate purpose.

The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which the company's strategies are formulated." It is like a goal for what the company wants to do for the world."

Source: Wikipedia contributors. "Mission statement." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 5 Nov. 2015. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.


"A maxim adopted as an expression of one's guiding principle." The Free Dictionary
"A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal." The Free Dictionary
"A principle of behaviour etc." The Free Dictionary

"A motto (derived from the Latin muttum, 'mutter', by way of Italian motto, 'word', 'sentence') is a maxim, a phrase meant to formally summarize the general motivation or intention of an individual, family, social group or organization. Mottos are usually not expressed verbally, unlike slogans, but are expressed in writing and usually stem from long traditions of social foundations, or also from significant events, such as a civil war or a revolution."

Source: Wikipedia contributors. "Motto." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Oct. 2015. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.


A phrase used to extend, define, or otherwise modify the organization, product, service, or idea name to which it is attached.

Vision statement

"A fairly detailed statement of what a company wishes to accomplish in the course of its operations. A vision statement may be placed in a business plan, on a website or nearly anywhere else. While brief, it explains the company's goals and how it intends to accomplish them to potential investors and other interested parties. It is more detailed than a mission statement." The Free Dictionary

"A vision statement is a declaration of an organization's objectives, ideally based on economic foresight, intended to guide its internal decision-making.[1]

A vision statement is a company's road map, indicating both what the company wants to become and guiding transformational initiatives by setting a defined direction for the company's growth."

Wikipedia contributors. "Vision statement." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 20 Aug. 2015. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.
-Chuck Green/

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Share your holidays and your talent…

Bring your out of town relatives and friends!
Rehearse for a 5-minute open mic reading.

Let your gratitude flow into the
at The Lodge (Media Room), 660 Evergreen Farm Way (off 5th Avenue), Sequim
Elevator to second floor makes for easy access. Plenty of parking.

Arrive 6:00 for a coffee/treat at The Bistro.  Readings begin at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

3, one hundred word stories. The cue word is ORDER.

I placed my order on line. Using my iPad, I punched in size, toppings, extra toppings and type of crust, followed by my credit card number and address. I included the address with the cross street, and the GPS coordinates. I asked for the preferred delivery time, and the precautions that the delivery should take in my neighborhood. I mentioned the other delivery drones that work the neighborhood and the apartment complex, cautioning them about the two apartment blocks that frequently shoot down or drone-jack any delivery vehicles. The last four digits of my social security card completed the transaction.

Given the order by the office to attend to Mrs. Rummage, I was charged with attending to her personal needs as my first assignment. I was an in-home, part time, care nurse. Mrs. R. was ill, having relapsed as a recovering cancer patient. She was very polite and patient. My duties included personal care and making meals, minor cleaning, answering the phone, and snooping in her bureau drawers, refrigerator, and her medicine cabinet. We discussed a lot of personal things, and she told me that she only had one child, as dwarfism ran in the family on her husband’s side.

I like to afford order to my home and studio. Things are arranged in large, plastic bins if they are large, and in old, Altoids™ tins if they are small. I have a large and multifarious collection of electronic parts, watch parts, desert dioramas and human teeth. The teeth are carefully packed in cotton, and are divided into molars, incisors, canines and premolars. Dentists have asked me for consultations, and I make a nice little income by sharing my collection and knowledge. None of my friends are amused by my collection, but dentists and tooth fetishists appreciate my unique services.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mood. work

If you are in a bad mood, smile. "Research has shown that if people smile, even if it's forcefully and not supported by an emotional experience at first, their mood will improve," says Von Stumm. "Also, smiling will make you more likable, and smiling will make your voice sound more appealing."

If you are in a good mood, work. "Although the findings on the relationship between mood and cognitive performance are to date fragmentary and somewhat inconsistent, preliminary empirical evidence suggests that our brains work faster at times when we experience more positive affect. So next time you are in high spirits, don't head to the park or pub with your friends, but tackle that work project or textbook that usually seems too hard to take on."

If you go from high to low in minutes, stop and take a break. "Frequent and extreme mood swings are early signs for psychological imbalance that often results from poor sleep due to stress," notes Von Stumm. "It's easier said than done, but when you notice your mood becoming unstable, take a step back, try to identify the source of stress, and eliminate it. Sometimes it's enough to become aware that a situation is stressful for us to find our balance again."

Pleonasm Definition and Examples in English

Pleonasm Definition and Examples in English

Sunday, September 20, 2015

OneLook Dictionary Search

OneLook Dictionary Search

Two, 100 word stories. The CUE word was SCOOP.

Scoop.  I think of a scoop of flour out of a wooden barrel.  Mixed with eggs, yeast and salt, and baked to a golden brown. Slathered with butter, accompanied by a slice of Romano cheese or dipped into a big green salad, made with lots of tomatoes and cucumbers…drenched in olive oil and vinegar.  The meal is finished with this and a tall glass of rich, red wine.  After dinner, we go outside to play hopscotch with the rich, neighbor kids, and they wonder why we are giggling so much, and sometimes missing our toss or losing our lucky piece.

The Egyptians gave far more credence to the heart than the brain. The Egyptians believed that the heart, rather than the brain, was the source of human wisdom, as well as emotions, memory, the soul, and the personality itself. They scooped out the brain with a long, thin, hooked tool that they stuck up the nose.  The brain was mushed around a bit, then extracted.  It was mixed with some sweet berries and eaten by the scullery personnel.  With today’s reliance on the brain for selling products and thrusting new pharmaceuticals on us, the brain is more exalted and prized.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

3 stories. The cue word, ADVENTURE

An adventure gone undone, or sloppily executed is an adventure gone to waste. My adventures are planned with care and deliberation. I consult with experts to plan the simplest adventure. A trip to the other end of the county calls for a check of the running gear on my vehicle, a packed lunch, and water and snacks for the pooch. It also calls for quick message to my personal assistant to remind her to look in on the dogs, check for open windows and doors, and to trigger interior lighting after sundown, including the bank of halogens on the garage.
The reason for my performance-related panic is due to the fact that I suffer from severe, late onset, anxiety disorder, which makes simple adventures or interactions like strolling down the street a disproportionately tensile experience. One of the signifiers of social anxiety is a heightened sense of alertness. The sound of skateboard wheels whirring around the street corner creates a sliver of unease. A bike bell ringing behind me causes me to grit my teeth and raise my iron-tipped cane in order to ready myself for a strike across the rider’s brow, or a quick jab at the bikes spokes.
Her mother named her Adventure. Adventura, formally, but shortened when she started middle school. She was a tomboy. Wearing low-top sneakers, a scraggly ponytail, and a baggy T-shirt—one of the many outfits in her tomboy oeuvre. She avoided tattoos and any piercings because of her ancestry, and her grandmother, who thought they were disfiguring, disgusting, dumb and dull. Adventure didn’t need anything to decorate her body but her shiny, spellbinding eyes, and her mysterious smile. To say the least, she was a tall, thin, knockout. All the boys loved her. The girls loved her, and the gods loved her.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Flash Fiction

The cue word for this story was: W I N D

The wind emanated from Grandma Lucy. Untethered by heavy clothing or undergarments, the winds drove across the dining room while we gathered for Christmas Dinner.  Granny had been on a healing diet of rich, Greek food, dates and exotic grains.  The cats left the room for the saving oxygen of the back yard, while we kept our heads down, lighting more candles, and sipping wine to anesthetize ourselves and burn off any flammable gases before they collected in the corners behind the heavy furniture. Gran was unaware of her blistering discharges, and continued with her special dinner. Merry Christmas, all.

Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Write an “About Me” Page That Gets You Hired - 99u

How To Write an “About Me” Page That Gets You Hired - 99u

Three, new, 100 word stories, given the assigned word: BUILDING as our cue:

The building was vacant a long time.  Squatters had taken over, including a dozen meth zombies, heroin addicts, and retired circus clowns.  The clowns were insidious, to such an extent that the addicts left…no longer able to handle the insanity, vulgar antics and games of the clown posse.  One of their favorite parlor games was to play “shoot twixt wind and water.”  It involved a game between the male and female clowns. My shyness and the propriety of this forum prevents further description. The clowns also enjoyed demonstrating how to “have one’s corn ground”, a popular game of the 1800’s.


Building a strong coalition of writers was her current goal.  She put the word out using social media, and via her BLOG. Soon, a dozen writers joined her stable of regular contributors.  She helped them find venues for publishing, and lined up open mic nights for poets and writers to read their work.  She had some rules.  Some of them necessary, some frivolous. Writers had to submit all work in the Comic Sans font, avoid French derived verbs, never write in the first or second person nor take any manner or stand on religious, political, artistic, or second amendment matters.


Her build put the Dymaxion structures of Buckminster Fuller to shame…built like a modular, fire-clay, outdoor lavatory, she could sing and she could dance, but all she had to do was make herself available for dates, and her future was assured. She started dating a fellow that was very powerful and rich.  Cranston was tired, and forty years her senior.  Laurie let him kiss her if he used Lavoris and wiped his mouth.  No tongue, no lingering.  He could touch her on top, but not below. The old gent was grateful, and showered her with gifts and a generous pre-nup.  

Coffee Around The World - YouTube

Coffee Around The World - YouTube

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three, new, 100 word stories with the prompt "Favorite Quote".

“The pleasure is only momentary, and the position is ridiculous.”  My old pal, D., had this to say about sexual coupling.  He is right.  For the amount of psychic energy and cost of a dinner and a show, the output is far more than the input.  The formula: PE+D^2(S)=O-P proves my point. D. is English, and doesn’t say much, but he might have said: “"There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the new Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible." , but this is attributed to P. J. O'Rourke, not to my friend.

D. came into the family room. His wife, Maureen was drinking coffee and looking lovely.  D. looked uncomfortable, and tugged at the fly front of his jeans. “Damn Hotel Covell pants.  No ballroom. ”  The Covell was a vintage,, small hotel in the center of town, and did not have room for a ballroom.  This struck me such that I remember this quip to this day.  His wife laughed so hard she spat out coffee.  D., as always, had a slight smile on his face as he always did when he realized his impromptu, but clever joke, was a hit.

"An abrupt beginning is much admired, after the fashion of the clown's entry through the chemist's window…then whack at your reader at once, hit him over the head with the sausages, brisk him up with the poker, bundle him into the wheelbarrow, and so carry him away with you before he knows where you are."  H. G. Wells offered this excellent advice about writing an essay. Surely, it is filled with surreal imagery, but makes the point about writing a strong essay or a tale you might find on these pages. I’d like to hit all my readers with sausages.

Your voice...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fwd: JULY features Michael Bunnell for 4th Friday Readings

Featured Writer Michael Bunnell is a pro at adapting the skills of one genre to another. In his varied career, he has written and published essays, poems, articles, broadcast programs, song lyrics and much more. He not only excels as a working writer, but his Master of Arts degree has served him well as a teacher of writing at Skagit Valley College, Chapman University, public schools and writing workshops.

Bunnell calls his latest work, The Friendly Little War of Lyman Cutler, a 'musical comedy without the music." When not writing, he is an amateur musician with a fondness for organic gardens, sailing, and classic cars. 

Fwd: a new writers' group forming....

For Sequim and PA Writers:

Alida Schuyler is interested in starting a writer's critique group -- fiction, or fiction and nonfiction.  She lives in P.A., but did not indicate a preference for location.  

Contact: Alida Schuyler (P.A. 360-452-5005 or 206-715-4143 cell) or email:

Friday, July 3, 2015


Space available in a poetry/prose group:
Contact Susan Spar, 360-457-6994 or email

Seeking a prose group:
Lili Green, 360-681-5409
Jane Iddings, 360-504-2611

Or, if you wish to start a writing group, 
please email and she will transmit your request to the 4th Friday Reading email list.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Prolific Press' Annual Call for Submissions

Submissions are open for the following journals.
Poetry Quarterly is still accepting general submissions for the Summer 2015 issue.
General submissions are Free.
Publishing comes with a token payment.
Submissions are a little low! 
The yearly Rebecca Lard Award is also open for submissions. Entry is $10. Last year's winner was Jackie Maugh Robinson.

50 haikus is a fabulous journal, despite the funny name.
Submissions are open for issue #7. 50 haikus accepts haiku in all forms (no constraints).
Submissions are free.
Publication comes with a token payment.

Dual Coast Magazine is open for submissions.
Submissions to Dual Coast are free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
Dual Coast accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and photography. This is a mixed journal. Feel free to send in fun stories, recipes, or more serious works.
Dual Coast Magazine is printed in a larger format--more like a full sized magazine. The issues are quite beautiful.

Haiku Journal is currently accepting submissions for issue #38.
Submissions to Haiku Journal are Free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
Haiku Journal has a diverse readership spanning more than 30 countries.
Haiku Journal requires haiku with the syllabic pattern 5,7,5 (See the website for details.)

Inwood Indiana is currently accepting submissions for "Tracks".
Submissions to Inwood Indiana are Free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
Inwood Indiana is a themed journal, printed once or twice a year. Currently submissions are low.
Poetry and fiction are accepted. Themes include small towns, coming of age, pastoral themes, legend and lore. Special consideration is given to submissions that list Inwood as the setting. Character sheets are available on the website.

Jitter Press is accepting submissions for the next issue of Jitter.
Submissions to Jitter are Free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
Jitter is a horror-themed journal, featuring short stories and poetry.

Three Line Poetry is accepting submissions for issue #32.
Submissions to Three Line Poetry are Free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
TLP accepts poems of all kinds, including open form, haiku, Senryū, etc.
What can you say in three lines? Submissions are healthy, so expect stiffer competition than last year.

Tanka Journal is open for submissions.
Submissions to Tanka Journal are free.
Publication comes with a token payment.
Tanka Journal accepts all type of tanka poetry. Special consideration is given to traditional love poems exchanged between couples. For more on this, or to learn more about tanka poetry, visit our website.

Monday, June 15, 2015

For You, What's the Hardest Part of the Writing Process?

For You, What's the Hardest Part of the Writing Process?

If you find some of the articles "too simple", or "mundane", then go someplace else...go to another BLOG.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fwd: UPDATE for Fourth Friday Readings...

NEW LOCATION:  The Lodge (Media Room), 660 Evergreen Farm Way (off 5th Avenue) in Sequim.
Arrive at 6:00 to enjoy a coffee or tea and treat from the Bistro.
Rehearse a 5-minute open mic reading and put your name in to be drawn for reading position.

Enjoy our FEATURED WRITER, ANNA QUINN from Port Townsend, of Imprint Books & Writers Workshoppe.

ACOUSTICS ARE GREAT!!!  Plenty of seating (we won't have to turn anyone away) and free parking.  
Bring a friend. 

We have a NEW COMMUNITY TABLE to promote writing events, workshops, writers' groups, readings and services.  Bring your business card or flyer and place it on the Community Table. You are responsible for removing any cards/flyers after the event. We are not archivers. Sorry.

See you JUNE 26! 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Charles Simic says:

There's no preparation for poetry. Four years of grave digging with a nice volume of poetry or a book of philosophy in one's pocket would serve as well as any university.    

Paris Review - Charles Simic

Paris Review - The Art of Poetry No. 90, Charles Simic

One of my favorite poets.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

ATTENTION -- New location for 4th Friday Readings

MAJOR NEWS:  Fourth Friday Readings are moving to The Lodge at Sherwood Village, 660 Evergreen Farm Way (off 5th Avenue just before Old Olympic Highway) beginning May 22, 2015. If you head north on 5th Avenue, you will turn left on Evergreen Farm Way just before Old Olympic Highway and will see The Lodge on your right, a 2-story building that looks like a lodge.  

There is plenty of parking. When you enter the building, there is a bistro on your left where you can get coffee and snacks. There will be signs to direct you to the Media Room upstairs. If you don't want to take the stairs, there is the convenience of an elevator.  The Media Room will accommodate more space, so hopefully we won't have to turn anyone away like what happened last month.  

We are grateful to Don at Rainshadow Coffee for hosting us for over two years.  He wants to be free of hosting an evening event for a while, so that's what precipitated our move. And, we are grateful to The Lodge for offering us convenient space that still affords us comfort and coffee for our evening readings.

See you on May 22.  Please arrive early (6:00 pm) so we are ready to start on time at 6:30.  Thanks to all for your ongoing interest, support and sharing of your talent. Invite a friend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

UPDATE — Acclaimed poet's dog rescued after plunging 300 feet down cliff east of Port Angeles -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily NEWS

UPDATE — Acclaimed poet's dog rescued after plunging 300 feet down cliff east of Port Angeles -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily NEWS

Fwd: Peninsula College Foothills Reception and Open Mic Reading....

Peninsula College Foothills event features visiting poet, filmmaker, activist Sonia Rosario. She will be reading in the Longhouse on Wednesday, May 20th from 12:35-1:25 pm.  There will also be an open mic reading on Thursday, 1:30 - 3 pm in the Longhouse. 
Here is her schedule this week:
  • Wednesday, 5/20: Poetry reading from 12:35 - 1:25 in the Longhouse 
  • Wednesday, 5/20: Film screening of Idaho's Forgotten War at 7 p.m. in Maier Performance Hall 
  • Thursday, 5/21: Studium General Lecture from 12:35 - 1:25 in the Little Theater 
  • Thursday, 5/21: Reception and open mic reading from 1:30 - 3 p.m. in the Longhouse 
  • Friday, 5/22: Class visit and screening of Idaho's Forgotten War from 10:20 - 12:30 in the Longhouse 
  • Friday, 5/22: Film screening of Idaho's Forgotten War at 7 p.m. at Forks PC Campus. 

Janet M Lucas
Professor, English and Rhetoric
Peninsula College
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 417-6221