Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Two, older poems.

A Visit to the UPS Counter

A small machine
in a deep fold
of my brain
lifts each corner of my mouth in turn
and I smile at the pretty woman
behind  the counter.

A whisper
sends a spark to my chest,
and I let go
all the charm
I can muster
as the worm in my groin
stirs, recoils,
from the electricity
of this unfamiliar arena.

A feeling, not unlike
paints the inside of
my stomach.

Her teeth are
straight and white.
Her eyes reflect
something  from the inside
I’d never seen.

I am validated.


Family Gathering

I was picked up
by one leg
dropped hard
onto the middle
of the living room.

I sat there for a long time
looking at the flocked wallpaper.
A lady in a bright, red dress
joined me,
sitting quietly,
staring straight at me
her legs opened in a wide
her back straight and stiff.

Two little kids and a dog
joined us.
A boy, about ten
a girl, five.
The dog was
solid black.
His mouth was open
as if to bark, but
I couldn’t hear anything,
only the adenoidal breathing
of the little girl
with her doll house
creating her own
little family gathering
in the living room of a
tiny cardboard house.