Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fourth Friday Readings are March 27 in Sequim

It's an entire evening of OPEN-MIC READINGS.
Rehearse your 5-minute reading. Come early to get your favorite seat!  Bring a friend.
Enjoy an evening of peninsula writers sharing their poems and short-short stories.

Hilarious Insults Famous Writers Said to Each Other

Hilarious Insults Famous Writers Said to Each Other

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


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Posted: 24 Mar 2015 08:18 PM PDT

Unbroken, we love poetic prose and the prose poem. Because a haibun is a
prose poem with a haiku at the end, we also love the haibun.

How to Write a Business Plan -

How to Write a Business Plan -

Fwd: Fourth Friday is coming up...

This Friday, March 27 is the Fourth Friday Reading venue. An entire evening of 5-minute open-mic readings. Last month we enjoyed an amazing evening of diverse readings. Let's bring our best and inspire each other, our friends and family -- our community.  Bring a friend.  An evening of free literary entertainment.  There will be copies of the Rainshadow Poetry Anthology available for sale ($9.95).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My poem, Retirement


When I retired,
I resisted rejoicing in more
than one dog.

Today, at dawn,
two dogs
call me to task;
call me to my lessons.

I wipe out their bowls
pouring a measure of food
under their direction.
Listening to them
crunch the hard bits
is delicious.

After eating
they move to the water bucket.
The sound as they lap the water;
seeing it drip from their muzzles
makes me smile,
lean in
to hear more closely.

If they had feathers they wouldn’t be more magical.

-- Published in April, 2015 anthology, by Rainshadow Poetry, Sequim

Saturday, March 14, 2015

poetry workshops

poetry workshops with Kim Addonizio.

I would like to recommend Kim Addonizio's book...

Ordinary Genius. It is available at: Addonizio is a poet, writer and teacher. She writes clearly and has a lot to say about writing of all kinds, but I bought it to read about what she has to say about poetry. Here is her Poetry Foundation page: Here is one of her poems that led me to find her and her book: