Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TLC, flash fiction

Wally and his wife were driving home from the mall, and saw a guy pulled to the side of the road. He was under the hood of his pickup. Wally stopped to ask if the fellow needed any help. The guy said his starter solenoid was stuck, so he reached down and gave it another whack with a ballpeen hammer. He tried to start his truck. No luck. Darryl whacked it again, and this time, it started. He said “This is my brother’s truck, and once in a while it needs some TLC.” “There, I fixed it.” Wally’s wife started to groan and make faces, telling Wally to hurry up and get going so she wouldn’t miss her TV game show. Darryl looked at Wally, catching his eye, and his nod. He still held the hammer, as he ambled over to Wally’s wife leaning out of the car window and bellowing something. Whack. Suddenly, she was very quiet. “There, I fixed it.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

UbuWeb Sound :: Jorge Luis Borges

UbuWeb Sound :: Jorge Luis Borges
These are the six Norton Lectures that Jorge Luis Borges delivered at Harvard University in the fall of 1967 and spring of 1968. The recordings, only lately discovered in the Harvard University Archives, uniquely capture the cadences, candor, wit, and remarkable erudition of one of the most extraordinary and enduring literary voices of our age. Through a twist of fate that the author of Labyrinths himself would have relished, the lost lectures return to us now in Borges' own voice. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Click on image for full sized poster. Typo on poster: Herold is an Haiku Poet, not Haiki Poet

Poetry and the Arrest of Life

Poetry and the Arrest of Life  Free, on-line course for you academic types.  Sorry.