Thursday, March 9, 2017

100 Word Story. The assigned cue word is DRY

He was an expert at promotions and artistic events, 
and his next exercise would be at one of his favorite 
coffee houses. 

He asked the owner permission, and was 
given the go-ahead to throw a 
dry humor party.

The dry humor wit describes the act of 
displaying a lack of, or 
no emotion. Delivery is meant 
to be blunt and sarcastic.

The exercise would be by invitation only,
and those that wished to participate would
 join with the regular patrons, not indicating 
their participation. 

They would speak a little louder than usual 
so everyone attending would be able to hear.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



This MOOC-Pack provides the core content of our past MOOC How Writers Write Poetry 2014.

MOOC-Packs — IWP

MOOC-Packs — IWP

you have ever wanted to browse the archives of our past massive open
online courses, the MOOC-Pack Library is the place to go. You are
invited to use the MOOC-Packs to teach a class or lead a discussion
group in your area. And you are very welcome to use them on your own to
further your personal writing and educational goals.