Monday, February 20, 2012

Download English Dictionary 2011.8 A portable English Dictionary that ... - Softepic

Download English Dictionary 2011.8 A portable English Dictionary that ... - Softepic

2, 100 word stories (drabbles). The topic: The Meaning of Life

He strove to be the meanest, stingiest, grouchiest, smelliest, most dreadful man in the group. He hated groups, and this group of strict conservatives, and all it stood for, irritated him to the point of piercing a hole through his stomach with his own, self-generated brew of stomach acid, thus threatening his life and causing him untold pain--as if he was shot through his middle with a burning bowling ball. He joined and tried to keep his words and opinions to himself, but manners and smell forced the group to disband within minutes of the opening of the meeting.

Professor T continued work on her latest book, The Meaning of Life. The Professor taught philosophy 101 and Beginning Zen Archery at the local community college. An eccentric woman, The Professor was convinced that her book would answer all the questions that people had about the true meaning of life. The first few chapters contained hundreds of equations and logic diagrams, totally incomprehensible to anyone that attempted to slog through it. The balance of her book was filled with crude drawings and diagrams, interspersed with obscene caricatures. The professor’s work ultimately concluded that the Meaning of Life was continually reductive.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Weekly Topic for 100 Word Stories was TUNNEL

Professor T had tunnel vision. He had no peripheral vision at all, and he could only see one student at a time as they sat in the front row. He would always focus on Jezzabel because she wore a red sweater, and was very buxom. Students arriving late would sit on each side of her as they slipped into the room twenty to thirty minutes late. Professor T wrote on the board in a long, narrow, vertical column, squeezing his lecture notes into a space only a few inches wide, while the rest of the twenty-foot wide whiteboard remained vacant.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fourth Friday Readings in Sequim

Fourth Friday Readings

beginning Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, 6:30 pm

at Rainshadow Coffee Bar in Sequim

(across from the bus transit center)

Basic reading guidelines:

Readers sign-in upon arrival. Please arrive by 6:00 if you are interested in reading.

The firsts three readers (to follow the featured readers) will be drawn from a basket beginning at 6:30 p.m. Then the next three readers, and so on.

Readers have five minutes for their reading. Content should be PG-13 to avoid disturbing violence or erotica. A few parameters for unacceptable reading materials at this venue…

1. Pornography: Hard-core material that depicts graphic or explicit sexual acts.

2. Libelous Material: Material that intentionally harms or has the potential to harm an individual or a third party.

3. Copyright Infringing: Material to which you do not own the copyright or the right to distribute.

4. Advertisements: Material contained that primarily seeks to sell a product or proselytize political or religious points of view.

Total reading time for this venue is an hour and fifteen minutes.

Please be respectful of readers. Stay for the entire seventy-five minutes.

Please generously support and respect the Rainshadow Coffee Bar.