Friday, September 4, 2015

Three, new, 100 word stories, given the assigned word: BUILDING as our cue:

The building was vacant a long time.  Squatters had taken over, including a dozen meth zombies, heroin addicts, and retired circus clowns.  The clowns were insidious, to such an extent that the addicts left…no longer able to handle the insanity, vulgar antics and games of the clown posse.  One of their favorite parlor games was to play “shoot twixt wind and water.”  It involved a game between the male and female clowns. My shyness and the propriety of this forum prevents further description. The clowns also enjoyed demonstrating how to “have one’s corn ground”, a popular game of the 1800’s.


Building a strong coalition of writers was her current goal.  She put the word out using social media, and via her BLOG. Soon, a dozen writers joined her stable of regular contributors.  She helped them find venues for publishing, and lined up open mic nights for poets and writers to read their work.  She had some rules.  Some of them necessary, some frivolous. Writers had to submit all work in the Comic Sans font, avoid French derived verbs, never write in the first or second person nor take any manner or stand on religious, political, artistic, or second amendment matters.


Her build put the Dymaxion structures of Buckminster Fuller to shame…built like a modular, fire-clay, outdoor lavatory, she could sing and she could dance, but all she had to do was make herself available for dates, and her future was assured. She started dating a fellow that was very powerful and rich.  Cranston was tired, and forty years her senior.  Laurie let him kiss her if he used Lavoris and wiped his mouth.  No tongue, no lingering.  He could touch her on top, but not below. The old gent was grateful, and showered her with gifts and a generous pre-nup.  

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