Sunday, August 31, 2014

New story: Aunt Betty's Pomeranian

Cuddles spent a lot of time in Aunt Betty’s lap. He was like Betty in so many ways; cute, garrulous, liking attention, and very smart.

Cuddles greeted everyone with his tongue hanging out. People thought he was uncomfortable in the overheated house, but it was another tool that he used to ascertain those strangers that were a threat from those that wanted to greet and pet him.

Pomeranians are extroverted and enjoy being the center of attention but can become aggressive and dominant if not well disciplined. Aunt Betty shared the same traits as her dog, although her children and any children under her care learned that her stern manner was only revealed when absolutely necessary. Aunt Betty taught me to eat egg whites in this way.

My Aunt and her daughter stayed in my parents house and looked after me for a few days while my folks went on vacation. Betty cooked our meals, and made sunny side eggs for my Saturday morning breakfast; a breakfast I always looked forward to because Mom and Dad said I could have a cup of coffee on Saturday. Even at seven, I complained about the runny whites in the eggs, and refused to eat them. The texture was creepy and they looked like snot.

Betty disappeared into the kitchen for few minutes and appeared with a plate of scrambled eggs embedded with chunks of Romano cheese, piled on a toasted piece of sourdough. Not recognizing the usual puddle of the “white stuff”, I gobbled them up, being a growing boy…climbing trees, and swimming every day. I asked for more, not realizing this delicious treat was full of egg whites.

Aunt Betty was very clever, and chuckled to herself as a smile spread across her face, connecting her dimples, as I scraped the last bit of egg off my plate with a scrap of toast.

Cuddles caught my eye from his perch on a nearby chair. He had fallen under the spell of his master years earlier, and he seemed to be saying “watch out…she’s very clever, and you won’t be able to get anything past her.”

-tp 8/31/14

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