Sunday, April 24, 2011

Video lectures on Poetry

The following poets speak about various aspects of writing poetry.
  1. Allen Grossman. Listen as this poet discusses "difficult" poetry and communication problems inherent in poetry.
  2. Meet the Poet: Dana Gioia. This renowned poet is also a writing teacher. Listen to what he has to say about poetry and teaching poetry in modern society.
  3. Meet the Poet: Michael Harper. Harper shares his experience as an award-winning poet and talks about his experiences and reads some of his poetry.
  4. Meet the Poet: Adrienne Rich. Learn about poetry through Rich’s works in this lecture at Wellesley College.
  5. No One Waits for the Train – Waqas Khwaja. Khwaja reads from his book of poetry and discusses his work here.
  6. A.E. Housman: A Life in Letters. These professors lecture on the work of this famous poet.
  7. Mary Jo Bang. Explore the importance of repetition in poetry in this lecture at the University of Chicago.
  8. Matthea Harvey. This poet talks about titles and their importance in this lecture.
  9. Stanley Lombardo. This Professor of Classics at the University of Kansas began his education as a poet and discusses poetry and translation in this lecture.
  10. Michael Palmer. Palmer discusses the act of collaboration in creating poetry and art, especially in light of the popular perception of poetry resulting from the solitude of the artist.
  11. Leslie Scalapino. This prolific poet discusses poetics and specifically authorial intention.
  12. C.K. Williams. Williams gives his lecture entitled "Odd Endings" at the University of Chicago.

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