Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing Kersie Khambatta from New Zealand

Mr. Kersie Khambatta is a semi-retired lawyer practicing in New Zealand. He is a part-time writer.He started writing articles and short-stories decades ago, and continues to do so. He loves to write in a simple style, with short sentences and words that do not require referring to a dictionary. Kersie has a diploma of Associateship of the British Tutorial Institute, London, in English, Modern Journalism, and Journalism in India, and a Certificate in Comprehensive writing awarded in October 2005 by the Writing School (Australia and New Zealand)


Two brothers, S and N, lived in a gated community in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. They were car racing enthusiasts.

They were practising for a car rally, and on the way to Poona were killed in a horrifying crash. They were the only children of their aged parents who were absolutely devastated!The mother cried and cried, and would not be consoled. She sat by the window day after day, waiting for them to return. But they never did.

Then she started receiving messages from the other world. She recounted them to family and friends. She started writing what she heard. She knew that her sons were talking to her. They guided her hand while she wrote. She had no control of what she wrote. She called it auto-writing. She compiled a book of the writings. People read it, and believed.

A Parsi lady in Auckland, New Zealand, made a manuscript of the words she heard from her departed relatives, specially her father. She too said that she auto-wrote.

These and many other instances show that there is life after death!

Critics beware!


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